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by | Oct 13, 2021 | Writing

Hi, this is my first blog ever. I’ll keep them short! I’d like to explore my own process with you in these blogs just in case any writers or readers out there might be interested or even benefit.

It’s great to be doing this and I hope to share ideas on writing that I’ve learnt and am still learning along the way. My novel The Last Beekeeper came out in August 2021 and I’m now writing my second novel which is set in fifteenth century Spain. I’m researching that period which is quite fascinating but I won’t say much on that yet as I am still deep in the process of writing.

It’s been so wonderful to have my novel published. I’m coming away from the incredible excitement and anticipation that I had before and after the time of publication to a steadier place in myself where I am allowing myself more space to watch things unfold at their own pace – or trying to. I am really grateful to have a wonderful team at One More Chapter who are supporting the book and me.

I’m finding now that I’m able to concentrate more on the second book which is a relief. I still haven’t got a title for the book. More on this in the next instalment!

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My process

My process

For me, the writing of this second novel has been like walking through a cloud in many ways and trusting that an initial idea will grow into a storyline. I have the tendency to go off in many directions and so reining a story in to a form is a big part of my process....

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